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The World’s Largest Bone Yard

This probably sounds terribly naive, but I had no idea what a bone yard was before I stumbled on this site. So, I did what any respectable internet user would do and surfed to a dictionary site where I discovered it’s slang for a place to store cars, planes, and ships. Today’s Cool Site is an aircraft bone yard in Tuscon, Arizona where decommissioned aircraft are stored for sale or scrap. What’s really neat about this one is that if you are in the Tuscon area, you can actually go get a tour of this bone yard.

Navigation is easy – just scroll down the page to read the article about the bone yard, then take a gander at the pictures. If you click the images, they’ll open in a new tab (or window depending on your browser) and you can see them larger. They’re really amazing. There is something to be said for organizing planes in such a precise fashion. It’s almost breathtaking!  The last image certainly gives you an idea of just how large this bone yard is. While the other images, show you more closely the different types of planes housed there.

I, for one, am certainly glad that I discovered what a bone yard is. I hope you’ll enjoy checking these pictures out as much as I did. I think they’re just so neat! Enjoy!

http://www.andrewfugiel.com/biggest-bone-yard.html [1]