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They’re All Open

They’re All Open

Start MS Excel.

File menu, Open choice.

Pick the same file(s) you pick everyday.

Click OK.

Start your day.

Does this routine sound familiar?

Do you have a particular file (or files) that you absolutely always open each and every time you start up Excel?

What if we could get Excel to automatically open our files without prompting?

Sound like a trick that could help save you some time?

Well, you may be pleased to know that it’s a pretty easy trick to learn, so let’s get right to business.

First, you need to save the file(s) that are to be automatically opened into a separate folder.

Now, within Excel, you need the Tools menu, Options choice.

On the General tab, you need to locate the “At startup, open all files in” field.

Enter the location of the folder you set up for your files. (Only have these files in the folder, as Excel will open every file located in the folder).

Now, click OK.

The next time you start up Excel, you’ll find that it looks in the specified folder and, without prompting, opens all your files for you.

Say goodbye to the daily routine of opening files yourself!

~ April