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Thinking Machine 4

It’s been a while since I’ve found a chess site I wanted to share with all of you, and this version really shows off what a complicated game it can be.

You begin the game by playing your opening move, then you watch as the computer calculates (thinks) what move to play based on what you decided to do. The applications shows this thought process by using colored lines for each possible move. Green lines for the player and orange lines for the computer.  The more probable the likelihood of the player making a move, the brighter the line. This allows you to anticipate what the computer would do, even as you see what the computer believes you are most likely to do. 

Also on your turn watch how your side of the board pulses, these pulses indicate the influence of your various pieces.  To learn more about how the game works, what the lines mean (and what the game is teaching), make sure you check out the About link at the top of the page. To see what I mean about the game making lines and some being stronger/brighter check out the Image Gallery; it will show you different screenshots of the game in play. 

I loved this challenging and thought-provoking version of chess! Go play it today! 

http://turbulence.org/spotlight/thinking/chess.html [1]