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Third Party

Third Party

You’ve probably heard this term somewhere along the line in one of our previous tips, but do you have any idea what it really means? You might have a slight clue as to what it is, because the term, third party, is used for various other things, but what does it have to do with computers? Well, basically, the same thing.

A third party resource is anything that does not have a direct link to the primary party or product. So, when dealing with computers, sometimes third parties interfere with the software, hardware or other programs. Third parties are not usually welcome in the computer world, because they seem to put a damper on things. You will see this term used with many virus and spyware cases as well.

For example, you probably know a third party as being an outsider or an intruder into your personal business and that’s what they do with computers as well. It’s best to stay away from involvement with third parties in pretty much every aspect of life, so why not for your computer too? That should give you something to think about for today!

~ Erin