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Thomas Edison

Brought to you by The Edison Innovation Foundation, you’ll need Flash [1] in order to view this site, but it is completely worth it for the interactive experience. 

Navigation is interesting on this site – when the page loads you’re presented with a circular navigation menu. As you mouse over the menu in the center the ring on the outside moves, presenting you with different quotes from Edison.  If you click the light bulb it will change the color of the page from dark blue to grey. Clicking the e button on any page will return you to the main circular menu.  

The featured sections are Our Foundation, Why Edison Matters Today, Educational Programs, Edison’s Life, and Donate. Then in tinier print around the circle is a timeline of Edison’s work. Starting above the Our Foundation area and wrapping around to under the Donate area, ranging from 1868 to 1901.

When you mouse over them you’ll see the name of the project, the date, and a link to save a .PDF of the invention. Save the .PDF to an easy to find location like your desktop and then open it to view it. It was really cool to see the patent documents with image and explanations of the inventions. 

This is a great site devoted to Edison’s life, inventions, and the promotion of inventors today. Check it out!

http://www.thomasedison.org/ [2]