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Thumbnails for MS Word

Thumbnails For MS Word

Have you ever found yourself frustrated while working on the layout of a complicated Word document?

Where were you?

In the Print Preview, right?

Print Preview is an awesome tool. It helps you to catch a lot of layout problems without ever wasting one sheet of paper or one drop of ink.

But, what happens in Print Preview with a large, complicated document?

Do you find yourself constantly flipping back and forth between sheets trying to catch every little item?

Or, did you set Print Preview to show you many sheets at once?

Still, even with a setting like that in place, if the document is large enough, you’re going to spend time flipping between different displayed pages.

Irritating, wasn’t it?

Did you finally give up and print a copy so you could go through and find the problem areas?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes there’s just too much to the document for Print Preview to be practical. In addition, I’m personally partial to writing all over a printed copy for editing of any kind.

Okay, so for some of us, the ability to print a document is a definite advantage.

The question is, for visual layout decisions, wouldn’t it be nice to print the document without wasting all the extra paper and ink of full size printing?

If you answered “Yes,” then this is the info you’re looking for!

In the newer versions of MS Word, you have the option of printing document thumbnails. You know, smaller versions of something. In this case, smaller versions of each page you’re working with.

This feature can allow you to print many pages on each sheet. It gives you the convenience of the printed copy for working on the layout while it saves paper, ink and print time.

Here’s the “how to” you’re looking for.

When you’re ready to print, go to the File menu, Print choice. (Ctrl + P works too).

In the bottom right corner of the Print window, you’re looking for the Zoom section.

The drop down list for the “Pages per sheet” is what you’re looking for. Choose the number that works for you. Remember, the bigger the number, the smaller each page will appear.

Once you’ve made your selection, click OK.

And that’s it! Your document will be printed in thumbnails ready for your keen eye to create a perfectly laid out masterpiece.

I took a six page document and printed it with the six page choice on one sheet of paper. It was a great way to check the layout, but as an added bonus, I found the text readable too. (Granted, if you pick a number much higher, the text will become too small, but six pages works well).

I can see this one as an easy way to make a printed document very portable for editing purposes!

~ April