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Thunderbird 17 Settings for Win 7

Bob from Australia writes: My OS is Windows 7. I am using Thunderbird 17. When I send an email a copy doesn’t go into the Sent folder like it used to.

Answer: Thunderbird 17 is the latest version and is faster, more flexible, and has greater security features than the older versions. It offers many advantages over other mail clients, such as archiving, storing sent emails and junk mail classification.

First, of all check your broadband connection to make sure that is working perfectly. Most people tend to forget to do that. If your connection is fine, then check to see if you have set up the archiving files so that the sent message have been archived in the sent box.

There is no “native” ability that allows you to recall a message once it has left your email box to the recipient. It is a good idea to recheck your format folder, just to make sure that the HTML is working perfectly. If all of this fails, then with Thunderbird you may have to go deeper and try the following:

Backup Your Mail to Local Computer Hard Drive

Once you have configured the Thunderbird e-mail settings you are provided with a set of default local folders. These local folders are usually located below your IMAP folders, where your new messages are stored on the email server. Do the same with the SMTP server because this handles outgoing mail and stores copies of email messages sent out.

WorldStart - Thunderbird 17 Settings for Win 7 - Local Folders [1]

Local Folders

To create a new folder locally, right-click and create a local folder, then select new folder:

WorldStart - Thunderbird 17 Settings for Win 7 - New Folder

New Folder

Give the folder a new name, and from the drop- down menu choose where you would like to store this new folder; make sure to choose local folders on the computer hard-drive. In this case select something like “Local Inbox Sent” as the name for the new folder to which Inbox sent messages will be saved. This way you will not make a mistake when coordinating the whole process.

Click Create Folder

Repeat the previous step to create as many local mailboxes as you need. You will see the local mailboxes you created under the local folders subsection. Click either the IMAP or SMTP mailbox you would like to back up, then select as many messages as you would like by holding down Shift while clicking the messages. Should you want to save all the messages, click on the edit button from the menu bar, then choose select – all.

You can then drag selected messages into the corresponding local folder to move them offline. Alternatively, if you would like to make copies of them to your local folder, right-click the highlighted messages, or messages to be sent and select copy to > click local folders.

Repeat these steps if you would like to back up more messages that are going to be sent, or entire email boxes.

Thunderbird has many guides to assist you further with its additional features. To find them, simply search in the search box, help menu or visit the Thunderbird projects website [2].

~ Cory