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Tiling Windows in XP

We recently ran a tip about how to show multiple windows side by side in Vista and Windows 7 (click here [1] for a look at that tip). However, many of our readers wanted to be able to accomplish this on their XP computers.

This is called tiling, and it can be done either vertically or horizontally. For this demonstration, vertical tiling was used. Depending on whether you choose to Tile Horizontally or Vertically, your windows will be equally spaced either across or down the screen. However, the more windows you tile, the less you’ll be able to see of each. Tiling also works with folders, which makes it a handy tool if you want to drag and drop files from one folder to another.

In the image below, Internet Explorer and a Word Document are shown in the taskbar. To tile them, hold the Ctrl key and left click on one of the buttons. Without releasing the Ctrl key, left click on the other button.

Here, both buttons have been selected. After releasing the Ctrl key, right click on the taskbar. From the menu, select Tile Vertically.

This is the result.

If you’re working on several documents in the same program (Word, Excel, etc.), and your taskbar is full, with similar files stacked according to program, find the button on the taskbar for files in the program you want to tile and right click. Again, in the image below, Tile Vertically was selected to tile three Microsoft Word documents.

However, as seen in the image below, when more than three windows are selected, tiling is somewhat different, incorporating both vertical and horizontal tiling.

I hope this helps our XP friends. Thanks for the feedback.