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Time Capsule

Do you need to remind yourself to do something important? Or congratulate yourself for getting something done? Perhaps even tell someone something important? Well now you can with OhLife’s Time Capsule. It allows yourself to write a letter to yourself that you’ll receive on the date you specify.

Just fill out the form with date you want the letter sent on, write what you have to say to yourself,  then provide your e-mail address and click submit. Then on the date that you chose an e-mail will arrive with your letter. 

This form could be easily used to send a letter to someone else in the future as well. Just address it to them and provide their e-mail address and click submit. 

Once you’ve submitted your letter it shows you a clock of how many days away that is. (The exit page from there takes you to a listing of their services if you join the site, but there’s a cost of a $5 fee a year). 

I was having a particularly lousy day filling out graduate school applications (I swear they’re like a test to weed out the weak) and so I sent myself a letter set just after they should all be turned in congratulating myself for finishing and turning them in on time. Now I have even more motivation to plug away at them!  

http://ohlife.com/timecapsule [1]