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Time Converter – Amazing Time Zone Converter

There are some amazing yarn shops that are located in Germany and I either buy direct from their shop or through Etsy online. But how do I convert the time in Germany to the time here in Toledo? With a world time converter like this one! I’ve done multiple searches and tried several different converters, but I ended up finding this one the easiest to use and it has the bonus feature of allowing you to schedule online meetings. 

Everything you need for navigation is right on the page when you load in. You’ll find instructions beneath the application, that I’ll be honest – I didn’t bother reading, because as soon as I saw the search field I typed in what I wanted to know.  But where you’d search EST to MEZ or something like that in Google, what you’ll do here is type in the location that you are in (so for me Toledo, OH) and then you’ll type in the location you want to compare it with (so Berlin, Germany) and it will pop up and instantly show you the comparison on the application’s time chart.

This makes scheduling meetings, phone calls, or in my case stalking a shop update easy as pie! And you can do it through this application too! If you follow the instructions under Getting Started you can schedule meeting with your colleagues with ease. To schedule you click the tile block for the time the meeting is and then select from one of the various options above the application. They are Outlook/iCal, Google Calendar, Clipboard, or Gmail

You an also sign in to save your settings, and best of all it’s free. Just be aware that signing in requires either Facebook or a Google Account. 

This is a very handy time converter, I hope you’ll bookmark it today! 

http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ [1]