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Time For A Font Change-Up

Time For A Font Change-Up

It’s beautiful!

You’re MS PowerPoint presentation is “picture perfect”.

Well… almost.

You just happen to be looking it over and realize that maybe your choice of font wasn’t the best decision.

But then you think of all the time it could take to make a change. Yeah, too much. This font will just have to do.

Too bad—now that you’ve gone down this mental road the presentation isn’t quite so “perfect” after all. (And you just know that’s what will run through your mind every time you give the presentation!)

Oh well, next time, right?


MS PowerPoint has a little feature called “Replace Fonts” that will solve our problem.

You can quickly tell PowerPoint which font type needs to go and exactly what to replace it with.

Here’s the deal…

You’ll need to go to the Format menu, Replace Fonts choice. (Alt, O then R will work too!)

The Replace Font window will open.


In the “Replace” field use the drop-down list to pick the font that’s getting the boot from your presentation.

Below that, in the “With” field, use the list to select the font that’s to take its place.

Click Replace.


Throughout the entire presentation the old font is out and the new font is in.

You should also happily notice that font size and formatting is retained—just the font itself is replaced.

So, is your presentation “picture perfect” yet?

~ April