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Time Tracking Software

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Time management is key to efficiency, which is why we need ways to track our efficiency at home or at work. We feel more accomplished after a busy and engaging day. Here is where time tracking software is becoming more popular, so you can measure your performance through the day. Listed below are some of the more effective ones:

Paid Time Tracking Software

1. Chrometa [1] – Chrometa believes that tracking time shouldn’t take time. It tracks your time automatically based on your PC work. It will show how long you’re spending on documents, emails, applications, calls, meetings, and more. Sometimes we forget what we did two days ago at work. It will be able to recall everything you’ve done so you know what to tell your boss. Your life will already become simpler.


4. Manic Time [2] – is able to track your computer usage hourly and your applications. Meaning it will check how long you’ve been on Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, etc. Within these applications it will list out what you were doing on each site. This detailed analysis will help you personally to see what needs to be changed for tomorrow.

7. SlimTimer [3] –allows you to create tasks and share them with coworkers and managers. You will be able to time your work and run reports through Excel, subscribe to its RSS Feed, or simply email it. No longer will you feel like you have to explain all the time you have spent working without any credit.


12. Toggl [4] –a web based software that allows you to incorporate it in various applications that you are already using such as Gmail. It has some of the most secure connections like SSL security which is also used in Internet banking. You know your business information will remain confidential. The real-time charts and reports for the whole team will make it worthwhile to use.


These tools can help optimize anyone’s time. If you are a stay at home mom who has a hard time prioritizing all the errands, you can plug in your tasks and make a guide for yourself. If you are a student who just can’t meet paper deadlines and balance studying, you can get help. If you are an employer you can better track your employee’s performance. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.

~Zahid Javali

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