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Tips for Printing Your Outlook Express Address Book

When I try to print my Outlook Express Address Book it prints each name on a different page. Is there a way to get around this?

With Pre-XP Service Pack 2 Outlook Express, when you click the Print button in the address book, it spits out each contact on a separate page. I too found this annoying and imagined a bleak future without trees.

Then, one fine day, I took my time clicking through the process and discovered something: the default Print Range is set to “selection” and the Print Style to “memo”. Since I usually just clicked “Print” without much thought it used that default. My B.M.S.F. reflex (Blame Microsoft First) kicked in, but, as it turns out, it was actually a P.B.C.D. error (Problem Between Chair and Desk).


To make it print in one neat little list, the Print Style should be set to “Phone List”. If you want to print phone numbers for the whole list, then select “All” for the Print Range.

Speaking of selective contact printing… to do this, hold down the Ctrl key and click each name you want included, then leave the Print Range on “Selection”.


Guess What: Windows XP Service Pack 2 updated OE so that the default settings print out a list rather than seperate changes, so don’t change the settings.

Now, what about labels and stuff like that? Check out our website to find out how to export your address book as a .csv file that can be used in a multitude of programs…

~ David

David samuel Thomas