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Tired Of Online Ads – Pay Up To Skip Them

Tired of watching those commercials that run before videos online? A new service called SkipIt lets you bypass some of those commercials, but it’s going to cost you.

Here’s how it works: You sign up for SkipIt and set up an account. When you play videos on sites that use the SkipIt service, you can choose to pay ten cents to skip a commercial.


The folks at SkipIt say that the people who have websites will actually make more money from the people paying to skip the ads than they would from the advertisers that pay for the commercials.  SkipIt also hopes to partner with advertisers to offer credits to people who do watch certain ads that will allow them to skip other ads later.

SkipIt CEO Mike Shehan says it’s the way the business is going. “The future of media is paid. Publishers and content providers simply can’t afford to provide content for free without getting something in return. But as some companies are finding out, what they receive in return doesn’t always have to be money or ad dollars, it can be a user’s time or even actions like posting on a brand’s Facebook wall…SkipIt allows viewers to earn opportunities to skip video ads by liking a brand on Facebook or paying a small fee.”

Right now the service is only on a few sites, but they are making a big push to recruit major sites like ESPN and CNN.  But are people really willing to pay to skip a ten-second ad they can just mute until it’s over and will major websites take the chance of angering their advertisers by allowing SkipIt?  Only time will tell. You can find out more about the service at SkipIt.com.

~ Cynthia