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To Print or Not To Print Headers/Footers in Google Chrome

Marjorie from Orange Park, Florida writes:

How can I include headers/footers when printing a web page using Google Chrome?

When printing a web page, sometimes we want the headers and footers with all the information like web address, date and page number… and other times all that stuff is just clutter that we end up taking using the old reliable White Out to get rid of it.

Either way, you’ll need to know how to turn them on or off when printing, so let’s take a look.

First, in Chrome you can either use Ctrl + P or the Print from the menu you access via the wrench on the far right of the address bar.


At this point Chrome will put you into a Print Preview situation.


On the left side of the preview are your print settings.

In the Options section you’ll find a checkbox for Headers and Footers.

Un-check it to remove them from the printout and make sure it’s checked to put them back.

That’s it all there is to it :)

~ April