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To Sum It Up

To Sum It Up

Here’s the scenario: You’re working in MS Excel and you’ve got a string of numbers that you need to find the sum for.

What do you do? You could go to a blank cell and write a formula to find the sum. This is a good way if you need to keep the total for future reference. But, what if you just need to quickly see the sum, with no intentions of keeping the number? Is there a faster way?

Of course there is and you’re not going to believe how easy it is!

All you need to do is highlight the cells containing the data to be totaled.

You have the sum right now, you just never noticed it.

Take a look in the status bar across the bottom of the Excel program. (If you don’t have a status bar across the bottom, go to the View menu and check the Status Bar option).

Look at the status bar. See it?

There it is, all summed up. Yes!

~ April