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I’m confused, do you mean, as in “tic toc”?

Have you ever been working with MS Word online help and run into that little gem? Was it explained to you, or did you file it in the back of your mind as another one of the many unexplained Microsoft mysteries?

Just in case it’s in your “unexplained” category let me tell you—they were referring simply to a “table of contents”.

Yep, it’s that simple—no mysterious computer jargon here, just your basic table of contents.

Now, with regards to the TOC… have you ever found yourself impatient with them? I mean, you create the document, then you have to go through the entire thing to assemble the table of contents. It’s a nightmare of endless title copy / pasting (or the constant hoping that you’re re-typing titles exactly) and tabs and page numbers. It just never stops.

(Let’s not even go into what happens when you later edit the document. We’ll save that little mess for another day.)