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Today’s Front Pages

What does this site have to offer? “372 front pages from 39 countries presented alphabetically.” The nice thing is that it is also very easy to use. The pages are listed alphabetically and you just scroll over them with your mouse to see it larger on the side, and if you click it you can get it full size. For more you simply click “View More Pages”.

But better yet, there are different ways to view it too. You can view it by Region or through the Map View option. Each lets you select a different way of seeing what is going on in the world.

I loved the map view because the map was dragable like the Google maps we brought to you. For those of you with pop-up blockers you may have to enable pop-ups from this site seeing as quite a few things open in new windows—but let me tell you it is worth it. From the Map View style you just choose the country you want, let it load and then scroll over the bullets on the map and presto you have the paper from that area.

Then there is the archive. Here is what Newseum has to say about it: “The Newseum keeps an archive of national and international front pages that chronicle events of historical significance.”

From the Tsunami to the Election to the Columbia Shuttle Explosion you can find quite a bit of big historical importance.

So now you can enjoy your morning paper as well as papers from around the world.

http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/ [1]