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Toporopa: Geography of Europe

Are you ready to train your brain with games and quizzes about the geography and history of Europe?

Navigation is easy, because the entire main page is the menu. Two of the squares are advertisements, but the rest are categories. Each category is a different game or quiz where the objective is to properly identify what you’re looking for. 

You can pick from Countries of Europe, Rivers of Europe, Monarchies of Europe, Mountains of Europe, Seas of Europe, The European Union, Capitals of Europe, Regions of Europe, Islands of Europe, Flags of Europe, Lakes of Europe, Battles of Europe, Ports of Europe, The Eurozone, Metropolitan Areas, Peninsulas of Europe, Volcanoes of Europe, and Straits of Europe. That’s quite an exhaustive list of geographical features! 

For example, if you select Countries of Europe you’ll be presented with a blank map of Europe. When you click the map to start the game it will tell you the name of a country and you have to correctly match it on the map.  On others you may have to drag the label and drop it on the right place (the volcano game works like this). 

This site offers a great way to brush up on your geographical knowledge of Europe. And provides a good way to practice and reinforce the memorization of it. Check it out today!

http://www.toporopa.eu/en/index.html [1]