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Tornado Project

Tornado Project [1]

It’s tornado season, so I went looking for some tornado sites and found this really neat one. You can find out where recent touch downs have been in the “Recent Tornados” section. You can also find out how the rating scale for tornados works by visiting the “Fujita Scale” section.

Check out “Top Ten of Tornados”, “Tornado Safety”, “Tornado Myths”, and other awesome areas. There are so many sections to highlight, but I’m going to give you a taste of the Tornado Myths.

“Myth or Misconception #1… The southwest corner of a basement is the safest location during passage of a tornado. The truth is that the part of the home towards the approaching tornado (often, but not always, the southwest) is the least safe part of the basement, not the safest. This is also true of the above-ground portion of the house. In most tornadoes, many more homes will be shifted than will be blown completely free of a foundation. Homes that are attacked from the southwest tend to shift to the northeast. The unsupported part of the house may then collapse into the basement or pull over part of the foundation, or both. Historically, the few deaths in basements have been caused by collapsed basement walls, houses, and chimneys, rather than by debris that was thrown into the basement from the outside.”

For more helpful information like this you have to visit the myth section of the site. I hope this site helps you keep safe in the case of a Tornado. I know I learned some valuable things.

http://www.tornadoproject.com/ [1]