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Totals On Selected Files

Donald from LA writes:

Windows Explorer in XP had a line at the bottom of the display that (for the lack of the proper name) I will call the”information bar”. This area showed me how many files I had selected in a folder and the total combined size of the total number of files. Is there such information available through windows explorer in Windows 7 home premium 64 bit?

Good news, Donald – Windows 7 has a very similar feature which will let you see the total number of files selected and the size of those files.

Begin by clicking on Start, then Computer.

Navigate to the folder you want to select files from by selecting a drive then the directory you want. Once the folder is open, click and drag the mouse over the files you wish to select. Release the mouse button once you’ve selected all the files.

Now, look at the bottom of the window and you will see the number of files you’ve selected, the total size – along with other information (such as date modified, etc.), and any other info Windows can detect about the file. What information is displayed will depend on the type of file selected.