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Touch Typing Test

While searching for information on the keyboard I own in a Google Search, the title of this site caught my eye and I clicked it. Two hours later I got back to my original task and knew I had found a site I had to share with you. 

Keybr is a touch typing test that will help you improve your typing speed and make fewer errors when your are typing. It is really easy to use too. When you arrive on the site it will be paused, just click the keyboard and then begin typing to start the test. It won’t start till you’ve started typing.

You can change the  language of the keyboard to English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Russian. You can also change the layout of the keyboard to US, US – Dvorak, US – Colemak, and UK.  To do so just click either Language/Layout above the keyboard. Beneath that you can click  Tutorial to change the style of text you are typing.  

The goal is basically to type as quickly as you can without making errors. If you do make errors when you finish a section it will map them on the keyboard so that you can see if there are specific letters that you  keep missing. Then you can focus on improving your typing of those letters. The hardest part of it for me is the nonsensical words that my brain tries to fix automatically.

This is a challenging and fun typing test. Check it out today! 

http://keybr.com/ [1]