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Traditions of the Sun

Let me start by saying this site is amazing! And it is well worth the load time for those of you on dial-up. I recommend starting on the “About” tab where you can learn all about the site and the importance of the traditions of the sun throughout history.

Back on the Home page you have a lot of options like:

Traditions of the Sun: Yucatan — learn about the sun’s affect on culture in the Yucatan Peninsula. When this loads click “Explore”. You now will see that you have a map on one side with lots of little colored squares—click on the colored squares and new information will load on the opposite side of the screen. You can also change locations in the Peninsula by clicking the tabs above the map.

Traditions of the Sun: Chaco Culture National Historical Park — visit the park in Chaco Canyon (located in New Mexico, near the Four Corners of the southwestern United States) and check out how they celebrated the sun there. There are also different regions you can pick in this section located above the map.

There are also the featured best of the best on the Home page with Featured QuickTime VR and Best of Slideshows. All worth looking at in my opinion, this site is almost as good as traveling to these places if that tells you how detailed it is.

I hope you will all check out the Traditions of the Sun. It’s stellar!

http://www.traditionsofthesun.org/ [1]