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Welcome to TrailSnapper where you will discover a photolog (stories + photos) of one man’s travels in India. Being an avid computer chair traveler, you know I was lured here by the photos!

At the moment there are four main sections to visit, they are: Stories, Photographs, About Me, and From my Blog.

Stories – here you will find stories about the place that the author has travelled to.

Photographs – here you will find the amazing photographs that lured me into this site in the first place. They are divided up into three sections: profiles, landscapes, and subjects. Click the one you want to visit and you’ll be whisked away to look at the photographs for that section.

About Me – learn all about the author of the site, and why he has created this site. Unlike a lot of about me sections on websites, I found that this one was well written, entertaining, and kept me reading.

From my Blog – this will open in its own window, and all you have to do is scroll down to read the entries.

I hope that you’ll enjoy these images and stories as much as I did. Check them out today!

http://www.trailsnapper.com/ [1]