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Transfer Excel Page Settings

Not many things can aggravate me more than when I’ve got to transfer page setup information from one worksheet to another.

Often, I’ll set up a worksheet not realizing that later I’ll need to add another worksheet in the workbook that needs all the same settings.

Since I’ve just added the sheet it comes with the default settings and I certainly don’t look forward to redoing all that work.

If you’re an Excel user then I’m sure that you’ve run into the same problem.

Here’s a little trick that could turn into a major time-saver for anyone who finds themselves in this situation frequently.

We can transfer the settings from one worksheet to another with just a few clicks… and I know that you’re interested in knowing how that works.

So, let’s get started.

Select the tab of the worksheet that has the desired page setup. (ALWAYS select the sheet with the correct settings – the source – first!)

Next we’ll select the tab(s) of any worksheet to which we want to transfer the settings – the target sheets.

Now it’s time to open the Page Setup dialog box.

For older versions of Excel it’s in the File menu.

– For Excel 2007 you can use the dialog launcher for the Page Setup section of the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.


Regardless of your version, once the Page Setup dialog box is open simply click OK.

That’s it… the first sheet selected is the source for the Page Setup settings found when you open the dialog box. Then by clicking OK you apply those settings to all the sheets (targets) that have their tabs selected.

Now that’s a time-saver!