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Transferring Files From XP To Windows 7 – Easy Transfer Part 3

 In Part 1 [1], we discussed backing up and transferring files. In part 2 [2], we learned how to use Windows Easy Transfer on our old computer. In this part, we will talk about transferring the information to the Windows 7 machine.

First, open up Easy Transfer by clicking on the Start Icon and typing in the search bar “easy”. When Windows Easy Transfer comes up, click on it.

It will open up to the introduction screen, then ask again what computer you are using. Click on This is the New computer.

It will ask you to verify that you have saved the files from your old computer. Click Yes, then plug your external drive into the machine. You’ll need to browse through the drive to where you saved the Window Easy Transfer file.

Once Easy Transfer finds the file, it will open up your saved files and ask you what you want to transfer.  Your options may be different than what I see. Likely, though, you will just need to leave it all checked and click on Transfer.

Once the transfer starts, you will not be able to use the computer. The length of time it takes to complete will vary depending on the size of what you are transferring. I only transferred a pretty small amount of files so mine went pretty quickly.

Once completed, you will get a reports screen that pops up. I liked this feature. You can see exactly what you transferred, but you also get an option to see suggested programs you may want to install based on what you transferred.

You can see, after I clicked on the List of Programs I may want to install, I get a list of suggested or similar programs that aren’t already on the computer. I also get a list of what is now on Windows 7 that I previously had. Your results may be different, as my transfer was to a computer already running Windows 7, rather than a fresh install of the operating system.

So, that’s pretty much it. Now your old files are on your new operating system, and you have some suggested programs to install if needed. You will need to install your old programs you had on your old computer using the installation CDs. Many of your personalized settings will likely transfer over using Easy Transfer, but if not, you would want to set those up using your recorded information.