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Trek Tech

Excuse me while I nerd out for today. Thursday marks the release of the Star Trek movie reboot, and while I’m a mite apprehensive about the film itself, I think that the plethora of tech articles out there that showcase Trek technology are just too good to pass up! It’s amazing how much real life has grown to emulate science fiction, and Gene Roddenberry’s classic series, one that has enjoyed multiple iterations, has stood as the high water mark for technological advancement.

Some of the more interesting comparisons are the tricorder, Dr. Bones McCoy’s compact medical device, put up against today’s modern, albeit less space friendly MRI scanners. Or, what about the classic communicator? Looks suspiciously like the everyday cellphones we all use, right? Heck, even Lieutenant Uhura’s earpiece has a real-world equivalent in Blue-tooth headsets! Phasers, space travel and my personal favorite, the holodeck all have real-world counterparts that we can either experience right now, or in the near future. The only thing I saw in my article perusing travels that we’re not so close to is teleportation, and even in that field we’re making steps!

My geekiness is at its high point reading about all of this. So, if you thought that flying cars, rocket boots and alien contact were the stuff dreams are made of, search around the Internet a bit. I think technology is about to get really interesting.