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Trip Ave

Are you planning a trip somewhere? Would you like to plan what you’re going to do there and get to know the town a little before you arrive? Well then, Trip Ave is just the site for you.

On the main page you’re greeted with a search field where you can type in your destination and then click the blue Search button to find out all about where you’re headed. You’ll also find Recent Topics, Recently Searched destinations, and Popular Destinations.

What sort of information does the search engine come up with?  Someday I’m going to visit Venice, Italy. So with a lot of wishful thinking that is what I put in to test out the site. As I was typing it in, the search was already hard at work with suggesting possible matches for what I was typing. I picked the one that matched: Venice, Veneto, Italy.

The page loads with a map of the location you’ve picked, basic statistical information, images, videos, recommended travel books, and any discussions that have happened on the site about the destination you have selected.

A neat feature of the site is the ability to F-connect to Facebook. Allowing you to login to Facebook and tag your friends or comment.

This site offers a great service to anyone who is traveling and wants to know more about where they are heading. Check it out today!

http://www.tripave.com/ [1]