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Trip Kick

If you like to travel for work or vacations you might want to take a look at this site. Trip Kick is your sidekick to finding great hotel rooms all around the country, and they’re offering information on international destinations now too!

I’m starting you off on the How it Works section of Trip Kick, so that you can easily see how to use the site and what service they are offering. This section goes over Rooms to Request, Your Experience, Hotel Basics, and Transportation – letting you know what to expect from each section and how you can best use them to your advantage. After you check this page out, click on the logo TripKick at the top-left of the page to head to the main page where you’ll find the search engine and featured hotels, as well as the highest rated rooms.

The main page also offers (just below the search engine) to help you choose a hotel. Just click the magnifying glass and a hotel search form will drop down! This is a great way to find nice bathrooms, free wifi, and pet friendly establishments!

Another section you might want to check out is Insider Tips, where you’ll find eleven great tips on how to pick a hotel room, how to get better service, possible free upgrades, and even how to get the best deal (why stay at four star hotel, if a five star hotel has the same size room for the same price?).

This is a great site to check out if you are planning on traveling and staying in a hotel. Check it out today!

http://www.tripkick.com/how_it_works [1]