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Trojan Flooder

Trojan Flooder

If you’re like me, when you see the word “Trojan,” you probably panic. Am I right? Of course, a Trojan is pretty much only associated with a virus (or at least some sort of threat) in today’s computer world. They are basically completely destructive programs that disguise themselves as very helpful and useful programs. But, in all actuality, they contain hidden code which allows them to do harmful things to one’s computer.

In the past month, a new Trojan has made its way onto the scene. It is called the Trojan Flooder.AKE and it has been found to mostly affect AVG users. There are a couple of symptoms with this that you can look out for. First of all, an alert box will pop up on your screen, telling you about a new threat found on your computer and that you should “heal it now.” If you do that, your computer will restart, but that same message will still be there. Your computer will then be stuck in a loop of “flooding.”

As I said earlier, this mainly only affects AVG users, so if you use AVG for your antivirus program, be on the look out for this. It may pop up on your screen at any time, so just ignore it and you should be just fine. Always stay safe!

~ Erin