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Trojans Still Dominate

Trojans Still Dominate

Early last week (on July 7, 2008 to be exact), the Panda Security company released their report on malware for the second quarter of 2008. As you may recall, for the first part of 2008, Trojans made the top of the list and it looks like they have dominated once again. The Panda report showed that Trojans made up 63 percent of all new malicious codes found on computers and coming in second was adware with 22.40 percent. If that strikes your interest, keep reading for even more shocking news!

The Panda company said that banker Trojans and other specific types of worms seemed to be the most infectious. First of all, banker Trojans are considered to be the most dangerous type of infection in circulation as we speak. The most prevalent banker Trojans go by the names of Sinowal, Banbra and Bancos. Others with less activity (but are still dangerous) include Dumador, SpyForms, Bandiv, PowerGrabber, Bankpatch, Briz, Snatch and Nuklus.

Like I said before, worms were also high on the list with 13.5 percent. Yes, Trojans are the most dangerous type of malware, but worms work in a way where one strain is responsible for thousands of infections. A few worms were found to have infected several computers, including Bagle.RP, Puce.E and Bagle.SP. Of course, there are several types of malware floating around these days, but at least you now have a few names to go by. Just giving you all a heads up. Stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Erin