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Troubleshooting Video problems

Does your display flicker? Are your animations not working correctly? Have you been notified that you have “display problems. This program can’t continue”? This tip will help you solve those video problems.

Hold the Windows key and press the R key (Win+R). This will bring the Run command. Type, or copy, the following devmgmt.msc into the field in Run.

Double click Display adapters. This will reveal your video card.

Next, double click your video card or right click and select Properties. Either way will bring up the Properties dialog box.. The Device status window will list any problems with your video card. If a problem is listed here it is usually a conflict between two devices. Click on the Resources tab. If there are any conflicts listed in the Conflicting Device List , make sure the Use Automatic Settings is checked and reboot your computer. You can also try running through the steps under the Troubleshooting button under the General tab of the Properties window.

If none of these solves your problem, reload your video driver by repeating the above steps up to double clicking on your video card. From there click on the Driver tab, then Update Driver and follow the on-screen instructions. Have your video card driver disk or CD ready when you reinstall the driver.

Note: You won’t find the Troubleshoot button in Windows 7. However, another WorldStart tip [1] explains a good method for troubleshooting problems in Windows 7.

~Greg Barnett