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Trusted Contacts Lets FB Friends Help Protect You From Hackers

Facebook has an account recovery feature called Trusted Contacts that lets your friends help you if you’re having trouble logging into your account.

Say a hacker attempts to log into your account and enters the wrong password a few times. Facebook could suspend your account to be safe. Once you have your trusted contacts in place, if you find yourself in a position where you can’t log in, you can call them and let them know you need help logging back into your account.  Each of your trusted contacts can then retrieve a security code for you with instructions on how to help you out. You won’t have to remember the answer to a security question or risk a hacker correctly guessing the answer. You will need to recover a security code from three contacts in order to get back into your account.

Here’s how it works. You select and manage your Trusted Contacts through the security settings. Select the Settings symbol in the upper right and choose Account Settings.

Then choose Security in the upper left.


Under Security Settings pick Trusted Contacts and select Edit.

Now click on Choose Trusted Contacts.

You’ll get a pop-up window explaining Trusted Contacts.

Then you can choose the Facebook friends you wish to name as Trusted Contacts. Obviously, you should be careful and select only those people you really trust such as very close friends and family members. Also, should you have a falling out with someone, don’t forget to remove him or her from your list.

 This is the social media equivalent of leaving an extra set of keys at a friend’s house.

~ Cynthia