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Try Science

Try Science [1]

Children are naturally curious and will love this site because it lets them run with their curiosity through science. Their are adventures, experiments, and even field trips awaiting them on this site. At the top of the page you’ll notice the “Are you Curious?” that may flash at you near the title if you click—it takes you to the “Curious” section where I learned all about fire ants and mealy bugs. You can take a quiz on the topic and see what answers where right.

Then there is the “Adventure” section where they can explore outer space or take the Extreme Challenge! The Extreme Challenge, takes the Ultimate Race and puts you through several courses, and you have to apply the science behind the sport you are using to win it. This is fun. I’m still trying to beat it though…

In the “Experiment” section includes the “Featured Experiment” and also lots of other Experiments that you can do. The featured experiment is all about being a DNA detective.What is really neat about these experiments is that you can try them online or you can try them offline—just choose the option that suits you and proceed from there. Don’t forget to check out their live cams.

Now for “Field trips”—start by choosing a country and then explore all the possibilities provided for you. You may find some nifty things to explore in your own back yard.

Hey, do like it says, Try Science!

http://www.tryscience.org/home.html [1]