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Turn Off the Lights

turn_off_the_lights_0 [1]

When enjoying a movie in a theater, do you often find yourself wishing the house lights were brighter?

Me neither.

So, which look might provide a more enjoyable online video viewing experience? This….

turn_off_the_lights_1 [2]

…or this?

turn_off_the_lights_2 [3]

(Scenes from Gopher Broke [4])

If you chose the latter, you’re in luck. The scene above employs Turn Off the Lights, a browser extension that darkens the background, bringing web videos into focus.

Following a simple installation in Firefox and Chrome (it’s also available for most other browsers), a little light bulb icon appears on or near the address bar. This is the on/off button. However, when Turn Off the Lights is active, the standard web page view can also be restored by clicking anywhere in the darkened perimeter of the video.

The Turn Off the Lights icon is displayed next to the Firefox address bar below.

turn_off_the_lights_3 [5]

Note: Only video controls are enabled when Turn Off the Lights is running, so it must be clicked off to access anything else on the page.

According to the developer, this extension works on the following video sites.

turn_off_the_lights_4 [6]

To download and install Turn Off the Lights, click here [7] and scroll down to select your browser of choice.

turn_off_the_lights_5 [8]

YouTube is now offering a similar feature, Cosmic Panda [9]. However, rather that darkening the entire background, Cosmic Panda displays video in a widened dark frame.

Give Turn Off the Lights a try and keep the light in the video, where it belongs.