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Converting PowerPoint Presentations to Video

Here’s a tip that I recently found and put to immediate use… so I thought I’d share.

My sister had a birthday not too long ago, and a couple of friends and I decided to take her away for a few days on a getaway – no kids – no husband… only “the girls” were going on this one!

With all the arrangements made, we then needed a way to surprise her and let her know about her gift.

I realize that I could have simply written something, or just given her a card with a note in it, but I wanted something a bit more fun.

It was to PowerPoint that I turned. I had visions of a presentations with animations to help with the fun of the surprise.

As I began to work, I found the animations I was hoping for, but I also found so much more… I was able to create something that – if I do say so myself – was quite amazing.

With the music, animations, slide transitions, graphics, etc… it really came together better than I had hoped.

Of course, my next thought was the presentation of the whole thing. I didn’t want to sit there and open PowerPoint with the program window showing then start the show… it just seemed unpolished to me.

It was during this phase, that I found the ability to turn the presentation into a video file… it was easy and really made the whole thing just that much more exciting as a presentation of her gift.

For my situation, and many others I can think of… such as moving the presentation to another computer where there will undoubtedly be a font issue which leads to all kinds of formatting issues on each slide… not to mention PowerPoint version issues, since some of the features in the newest editions are not workable in the older ones.

All of that leads me to today’s tip for saving your presentations as .wmv files.

It all starts when your presentation is 100% complete – exactly as you want to preserve it – perfect in every way. (Once it’s in video form, you can’t edit the video… so all future changes to the presentation will require you to make a new video to include them.)

Now we’re off to the File tab of the Ribbon, Save & Send choice.


In the middle of the Save & Send window, you’ll find a list of choices… in the bottom, you’ll see a choice to Create a Video.

When you make this choice, the far right column of the window will change to show you the settings available for your video.


You can set the resolution for your video… the higher the quality, the bigger the file size.

Below that, you can choose to include your timings and narrations, or you can set a time for the video to display each slide in the field below.

When your choices are set, click the Create Video button.

You’ll be asked to name your file and choose a location to which it should be saved.

It will take a while to create the video file, so be patient, but you can continue to work in PowerPoint as it works on your video.

And that’s it… when it’s done, you’ve got a .wmv file that will now play in your media player programs – no starting a slide show, no program windows for your audience to see… just a smoothly running video with all your extras included.

~ April