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Turn the List Off

Turn the List Off

Do you have trouble ending your MS Word bulleted or numbered lists?

You know what I mean. You have this great list going, the last item is done and you hit the Enter key to continue on with your document. Of course, we all know what happens next. Word has other plans and continues on with the numbers or bullet points.

So, now what?

Well, most people take their frustration out on the Backspace key, as they try to get back to their normal text.

If that doesn’t do the trick easily enough, you might want to try the Style list next time.

When you’re on the first line of text that you don’t want to be in the list, simply use the drop down menu to select the Normal style. (You could also choose one of the other styles, like the headings too).

This will end the list and put your cursor back at the left margin without the frustrations of the Backspace key.

This one also works when you’re trying to insert text into the middle of an established list.

With your cursor on the line that’s to be put out of the list (or highlight several lines, if that’s what’s needed), select the Normal style.

Poof! One list becomes two with the selected line(s) completely out of it.

Who knew stopping those stubborn lists could be so easy?!

~ April