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Turn your HDTV into Smart TV (Part 1)

You read that right. Now, you can turn your ordinary HDTV into a smart TV to view YouTube videos, surf the net, tune in to online radio stations and play online games, among other things. How? Well, just buy these things at a fraction of the cost of buying a smart TV and you’ll be thanking us for saving you precious dollars.

Easy things first

If you own an Xbox 360 or Sony PS3, you already have the equipment that turns your HDTV into a smart TV. Pray how? Because these gadgets offer many services already like BBC iPlayer, YouTube, 4oD, Lovefilm, Netflix and movie rental stores, among other things. Even if you own a Nintendo Wii, you get to use the same services, but not in high definition.

Blu-ray players

What’s more, some Blu-ray players from Sony and Samsung already come with built-in streaming services. Similarly, if you have a tablet like the iPad, you can just hook it up to your TV, and presto. The TV adopts your tablet screen to where you can do on TV, what you used to do on your tablet screen. It works with an Android tablet, too. The only prerequisite? Your TV should have an HDMI slot. But even this can be done away with, if you get an HDMI adaptor.


And finally…

If you’ve not got any of these or you would rather want the TV to become smart without any meddling from your end, perhaps buying set-top boxes should do the trick.

(To be continued)

– Zahid H Javali