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Tweaking Templates in MS Office

Many of us have a template or two that we use all the time.

Of course, the first thing we do upon opening the template is to make a few changes to the layout or text.

We make those changes again, and again, and again, and again…

Well, you get the idea…

With the endless work of changing templates in the same way every time we use them in mind, let’s take a look at tweaking templates and then saving them as new ones.

At that point, you’d have a template that you’d find useuable, the moment you open it and I know you’d find that a very useful tool.

Moving along, it’s time to get right to business.

-First, go ahead and open a file from a current template.

-Once you’ve accessed the correct template, make the changes needed to create a template you can use the moment you open it.

-At this point, you’re ready to save it. Office Button / File tab, Save As choice.


In the Save As dialog, change the file type to Template. (Depending upon the program you may see Word Template, Excel Template, etc…) The program will automatically navigate to the correct location where all the other templates are saved.

-Name your template something useful and click Save

There you have it. Templates that are customized to your needs, making them more efficient than ever!

~ April