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Tweet More Consistently with Buffer

Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone cuckoo here at Worldstart…yet. This snappy little tip is going to show you how to get your life back from a tweet hungry twitter account.

“But we’ll lose followers if we don’t keep updating our status throughout the day!” Never fear, there are simpler ways to keep a steady flow of tweets other than constantly updating.

A handy web site called Buffer will allow you to bang out all of your tweets in one go and then let you set a time for when they should be twittered to your account.

You can sign up to Buffer by clicking here [1]. Just enter your email address and a password and click sign up.

The next step is to add your twitter account by clicking the button as shown below.

You can then enter up to 10 tweets for free, from the My Buffer home page, which will be delivered to your account at 9:30am and 4:30pm.

Another nifty bonus about Buffer is that you can install an extension for Google Chrome, so that you can add to Buffer quickly and easily. (Other browser compatibility is in the works.) Simply click the link on the top right of the page and add it to Chrome, a button will then appear next to your toolbar.

You can also change the intervals between tweets by clicking dashboard beneath the tweet typing area, as shown below.

You can set interval tweets for up to a week! Now that really is cause for a celebratory dip in a bird bath!

~Matt McGuire