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Twisted Sifter

Welcome to Twisted Sifter! It is an amazing picture of the day site that you are going to love. I know I did!

Every day at 5 pm ET, they post the most stunning image they’ve run across for the day. And let me tell you they have a collection of amazing images. Want a good sampling of what they offer? Then check out their Top 50 Pictures of 2011 [1] post. You have to check it out if only to see the Aww Yeah Flowers [2] and Wait For It [3] pictures – they are possibly the cutest things I’ve seen ever.

Another interesting feature is a Darth Vader Mask Made from Scrap Metal [4] that goes through the entire process of its creation and shows the finished product. It was really neat!

You’ll have many options when it comes to navigation. You can just scroll down the page and click on whatever images take your fancy. That’s what I did. But there are more traditional ways to navigate too. You have your option of using the navigation strip at the top of the page with the sections: Categories (a drop down menu that lets you select a category to browse), Picture of the Day, The Shirk Report, and Galleries.

You also have the option of checking out whatever is being featured in the rotating selection of featured articles. You can check out the featured image set for the categories Art & Design, Animals & Nature, Homes & Buildings, Animals & Nature (they have it on their twice because there is just too much awesome in that category!) just beneath the rotating features.

The only thing I feel I need to warn you about is not to click the links at the bottom of the pages of the picture sets because they tend to go to spurious websites and are not at all something I’d recommend. I thought they were taking me to other picture sets on Twisted Sifter, but they do not.

Other than that, all that’s left to do is for you to go check out this and see beautiful and amazing photographs!

http://twistedsifter.com/ [5]