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Twitter for Photographers

Twitter is a free service that lets one keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Twitter makes it easy for people to network, stay connected and in the process helps to expand the knowledge base. On Twitter, one can create a never ending conversation on popular or favorite topics.

Those interested in nature and photography can choose to follow another person on Twitter who shares the same interests. One can start a conversation, swap stories, photographs, useful links and tips on how to improve photography skills. There are a few ways in which Twitter will help in making a better photographer.


Now here are ways Twitter can help you be a better photographer:

1.Twitter is all about networking with other people and creating a conversation with them (you choose to follow people, and others choose to follow you). It is but natural to meet and share ideas with like minded people who are also keen to share what they know on photography.

2.Even though there are plenty of great photography forums out there where one can post their queries, Twitter helps in getting instant and to the point replies. This usually works best with short questions that also have short answers, like “can anyone recommend a good tripod?”


3.Twitter is often explained as a real-time social network, and as a result it quickly covers news stories. For example, it can help make you one of the first people to know about the release of a new camera, or Nikon’s release of the new 2.01 firmware version for D3.

4.One can even improve their photography by getting honest feedback or criticism on their photos. Usually this is done on Flickr, but Twitter is better as one is assured of getting instant results via replies. All one has to do is post a link to one of their photos on Twitter and ask their follower what they think. For example ask a specific question like “do you think this shot is underexposed?”


5.Each tweet or message posted on Twitter needs to be of 140 characters or less. How does this help in being a better photographer? Well, one of the most important lessons to learn in photography is to reduce the subject or scene to its most essential elements. Since Twitter forces one to be concise and restricts messages to short messages, this habit of being precise and concise will overflow to other aspects including photography.


6.Twitter is all about receiving and giving. One needs to connect with other tweeters or tweeple (people who use Twitter) and share information. The secret to getting the most out of Twitter is to give before receiving.

~Zahid H. Javali