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Two For One

Two For One

The other day, a reader sent in a question pertaining to the printing of a Word document at half the size.

It seems he had a document containing a picture that was frequently printed. Since it didn’t have to be full size, he was hoping to easily have Word print two of the same thing on a single page, rotating the duplicate pages to sit side by side in a landscape on the paper, so it still retained its proportions. The thought was that printing two on one page would save on ink and paper.

Is it possible to accomplish this without so much frustration that it drives you crazy?

I’m happy to report that the answer is yes, so give this a try!

First, copy and paste to make a second page to the Word document that is a duplicate of the first.

Now, when you print, do not hit the Print button. Instead, go to the File menu, Print choice (Ctrl + P).

In the print window, you’re looking for the Zoom section.

From the “Pages per sheet” list, choose 2 pages.

Now, simply proceed with your print.

Word will automatically take both pages of the document and print them side by side and in the landscape format on the paper.

Problem solved!

~ April