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Two Places At Once

Two Places At Once

Have a large MS PowerPoint presentation?

Do you find yourself trying to work in two places at once? For example, maybe you’re trying to copy/paste items from several slides onto another.

How does that routine go?

You work on slide A and then move to slide B (either scrolling, using the slide sorter or the Page Up/Down keys). You then work on slide B and then go back to slide A. So, that means more scrolling through your presentation to get to slide A so that you can work some more and then go back to slide B. Does that sound familiar?

Frustrated yet? I know I am just thinking about it!

Wish there was an easier way than the constant scrolling through all your slides to get to your next location?

Well, I have some good news for you today!

PowerPoint allows you to have several windows open from the same presentation. Yep, you read it right! You can open the same presentation to different locations, simultaneously, for quick jumps between your slides.

Interested in how to accomplish this little feat?

Yes? Then let’s get to it!

Open the presentation with which you’re working.

Now, go to the Window menu, New Window choice.

PowerPoint will open a second window of the same presentation (you can see down on your taskbar that there are now two PowerPoint presentations listed as running programs).

At this point, you can scroll one of the windows to another location in the presentation.

Then it’s time to get busy!

Start your work process and use Ctrl + F6 to flip between the open PowerPoint windows. (As always, you can also use your mouse and taskbar to move from window to window).

Once you’ve set each window to the slide you’re working with, you no longer need to scroll. Simply work on one slide (let’s say a copy), then do a quick Ctrl + F6 over to the other window and you’re instantly in the next location (for your paste).

I can already hear the questions now: What’s happening as you make a change in one window, but not the other? Are they different in the end, therefore requiring you to pick one as the “final presentation” for saving?

You’ll be glad to hear that the answer to that is a very loud, “No!”

After making a change in one of the windows, take a quick moment and flip back to the other open window. Now, scroll to the slide you’ve changed.

Voila! PowerPoint doesn’t miss a beat. You’ll find that the change has happened in both windows, so there’s no need to worry about which one to use when it comes time to save your projects. They all match in content, all the time!

Have more than two places?

Again, that’s not a problem! Simply use the Window menu, New Window choice as many times as needed.

If you don’t like the Ctrl + F6 trick for scrolling through the windows, there’s always the options of Cascade or Arrange All as well (those are also located on the Window menu).

These options will make all of your presentation windows accessible from within one PowerPoint program window. Oh yeah!

Any way you want them arranged, there’s always a better solution to your situation than the old time consuming scroll technique!

~ April