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Typos Be Gone!

Typos Be Gone!

OK—so we all have them.

You know, those nasty little typos we make time after time after time.

It seems that no matter how we may try to train our fingers to do a better job, the outcome is always the same.

Oops—hit the wrong key! Now we need the Backspace key to get rid of it and finally we can carefully type it the right way.

Seems the finger training isn’t working too well… so, if we can’t get the fingers to cooperate then how about MS Word (or PowerPoint, or Excel, etc…)? Let’s get the program to fix your common typos without the Backspace key ever entering your mind.

Actually, unbeknownst to you, the program may have been quietly fixing some typos all along—compliments of the AutoCorrect feature.


Yep, that’s the ticket.

AutoCorrect is a feature that allows you to enter your common typos along with the correct spelling that the program should use in its place. It then monitors what you’re typing and, should you make a mistake that’s included in its list, automatically corrects the problem for you.

For example, many of us commonly type “teh” for “the”. Once you press the space bar after typing “teh” the program automatically corrects the mistake to read “the”. It does this with many common typos and spelling mistakes.

Here’s another idea, instead of a typo, what about a long company name or phrase that you frequently type? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put in an abbreviation and have the machine do all the work?