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Tzutil in Windows 7

Windows 7 users can change their time zone easily by clicking on their clock, hitting Change date and time settings… and clicking Change time zone…, but did you know there’s an alternate way?

It’s called tzutil. Here’s how it works:

Click Start, and in the Search Box, type cmd. In the list the appears above, Right-Click on the cmd icon and select Run as administrator. This will bring up the command prompt.


From here, you can use tzutil to change your PC’s time zone. For example, say you want to switch over to Pacific Standard time. You’d type:

tzutil /s “Pacific Standard Time”

A full list of time zones can be viewed by entering: tzutil /l (there’s a lot of ’em!)

You can also see details on what the tzutil command does by entering: tzutil /?


Experiment a bit and see what you come up with!