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UF Book of Insects Research

UF Book of Insect Research [1]

“The University of Florida Book of Insect Records names insect champions and documents their achievements.” Each chapter is on a different subject of their records. With 40 chapters in all, that’s a lot of insect champions.

Here you will find the fastest flier’s record, the loudest, the least tolerant to cold/heat, and whole lot more. To navigate you can either click the chapter title or you can scroll down the page and view them arranged by subject. If you find a favorite author after reading a bit, you can scroll even further down and read by author.

The chapters are quite scientific, and I had to look up some the insects. Many of them also gave their common name. For example, Schistocerca gregaria is a desert locust.

In each chapter, you will find the champion with full documentation. The chapters are first divided by the methods, then the results (some even include diagrams), followed by the discussion section and the acknowledgements.

My favorite chapter is on the Fastest Runner. The fastest runner is the Australian Tiger Beetle. It then describes the competition’s criteria and why the Tiger Beetle was the winner. I found out a lot about Tiger Beetles from reading this section.

All the work these authors have put into this to get the most accurate results for each chapter is pretty amazing.

http://ufbir.ifas.ufl.edu/index.htm [1]

~ Amanda