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ULCPCs: What Are They?

ULCPCs: What Are They?

As you may recall, we ran an article in the newsletter last week that mentioned ULCPCs and ever since, I have been getting non-stop phone calls and e-mails from all of you wondering what they are. I know I didn’t explain it very well in the article, so that’s why I’m taking the time today to go over it a little more with you. First of all, ULCPC stands for ultra-low-cost personal computer and experts are saying they’re the “next big thing” when it comes to the computer world. So, let’s take a look and find out why!

ULCPCs are an up and coming class of mobile computers and they are mainly designed for first time PC users and students. There are different kinds of ULCPCs, but most of them have smaller screens, they run on a lot less power than a regular PC and they’re much more portable. They have limited hardware capabilities, but they’re perfect for completing small tasks, such as browsing the Internet or checking your e-mail. And even though ULCPCs are meant for first time buyers, experienced users are showing an interest in them as well.

Now, going back to the article from last week’s newsletter, I told you that Microsoft plans to extend the Windows XP Home version for the ULCPCs only. Microsoft said they have received a huge desire from their customers and partners to keep the popular operating system around just a little longer for the new ULCPC market. It will give new users an easier system to work with and long time users can also benefit from the new class of PCs. Like I said before, if you’re looking to buy a new computer and you want it to have Windows XP, you’ll need to think about getting a ULCPC. It’s about the only option you have left. If you still have some questions about ULCPCs, check out this Web site. It gives some great answers. Here’s to the future!

~ Erin