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First of all, let me start by apologizing for this week’s download. I told everyone last week that I was going to run the Total Commander file manger, but things have come up and I have decided to go with another program. The replacement is a file manager as well and it has tons of features, but it will not allow you to plug in the features from last week’s download, which was a program called Universal Viewer. Again, I apologize and the two programs will still complement each other with their abilities and functionality. They just don’t have the ability to join together as plug-ins or use the same interface.

Alright, enough about that. This week’s download, which as I mentioned before, is another file managing program and is called UltraExplorer. If you are a little fuzzy on the whole file manger term I’m throwing around, then allow me to explain. Windows, as you may or may not know, uses an application called Windows Explorer to allow users complete management over their files and folders. This works not only on that system, but also throughout the network, if one is set up for it. Windows Explorer can be reached by right clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop and then selecting Explore from the action menu. Or, you can type the word “explore” into the Run box located under the Start menu.

Windows Explorer does a good job, but as with most included Windows applications, it leaves a little to be desired and is a little light in the area of tools and functionality. Speaking for myself, I use Windows Explorer constantly, so when I ran across a couple of alternatives, I decided to give them a try. I personally don’t like knowing only one way of doing something, especially if there are others available. It’s good for the industry and it’s good for you, the user, to be a little diverse and not pigeon hole to only one particular brand of software. It makes you more flexible and dynamic, which allows you to more easily adapt to future changes in an industry that is constantly changing.

With that said, I went on a journey to find and test some different file management software programs and this is what I came up with. I hope you guys find it as cool as I do. (I am kind of a dork though, so keep that in mind!) : )

UltraExplorer is a comprehensive application created by a company called Mustangpeak. It is used as a test bed for Mustangpeak Delphi and CBuilder Components. Mustangpeak claims in the product information that “it is designed to be the ultimate file manager for Microsoft Windows.” What the program does is give you options that you may have never thought of before when navigating through your file system. The interface is completely customizable too. You can add tools, hide or show as many windows as you would like and move them around to create an environment that is conducive to your needs.

Here’s a list of some of the things UltraExplorer has that you won’t find in Windows Explorer:

This really gives you a good look at what Windows Explorer doesn’t have. If you are like me and choose to use Windows Explorer to navigate and manage your files, this may be something you’ll want to try. It has everything Explorer has, but so much more too!

You can download UltraExplorer here.

~ Chad Stelnicki