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Unblock a Facebook Friend’s News Feed

So, I blocked the newsfeeds of a friend on Facebook a long time ago. It was so long ago, in fact, that I can’t remember why I did it, exactly. The point is, that it’s time for forgiveness. It’s the holidays, after all!

So, here’s how you unblock a friend’s newsfeeds on Facebook.

First, log into your Facebook account and scroll all the way to the bottom of the news feed until you see the Older Posts button. Directly across from that is Edit Options. Click it.


In the resulting window, you’ll see all of the friends and organizations whose news postings you’ve blocked in the past. Simply click the little “X” next to their name and voila, they’re unblocked! You can also type a friend’s name in the box, if you’re looking for someone specific.


When you’re done unblocking people, click Save.

You’re all set! Unblocking made easy!